Skipjack Tuna

Skipjack Tuna is one of the smaller species of tuna fish and is commonly found at the surface of tropical oceans.  It is fast and sleek and can get up to three feet in length.  The Skipjack tuna is a healthy tuna stock and is currently quite stable.  It has a faster breeding cycle than other tuna and is a popular choice for many fisheries.

However, while the Skipjack is a healthy stock many of the methods used to catch Skipjack tuna are not sustainable.  Purse seine netting using FAD’s are a common way to catch Skipjack.  This method can kill a large number of other species including turtles, sharks and smaller tuna.  To avoid supporting unsustainable fishing methods it is important to try and buy canned tuna that is either pole and line caught or certified by a trusted third party like MSC.  Buying Skipjack canned tuna that is pole and line caught is a great sustainable choice as you are eating a tuna from a healthy fishery that was caught in a sustainable manner.