Albacore Tuna

Albacore tuna (or Thunnus Alalunga) is found throughout the temperate and tropical oceans including the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and the Mediterranean.

Albacore tuna is one of the most plentiful species of tuna found in the ocean and as such is one of the most common types of canned tuna found in stores.  A full sized Albacore tuna can weigh close to one hundred pounds and be close to five feet in length.  It has darker blue color and is silver like white underneath.

At present many Albacore tuna stocks are fairly healthy and are not at current risk of being overfished.  However unsustainable fishing practices for Albacore tuna is leading to near threatened stocks in certain locations and also contributes to unhealthy ocean ecosystems through high bycatch.  There are plenty of brands of sustainable canned albacore tuna available and the MSC has certified a handful of pole and line fisheries operating in the Pacific Ocean and elsewhere.  By buying sustainably caught canned tuna you will help ensure the Albacore stocks remains healthy for years to come.