MSC Tuna

Marine Stewardship Council

MSC stands for the Marine Stewardship Council.  It is a worldwide group that brings together a range of stakeholders such as conservation groups, members from the scientific community, commercial fishing operations and consumers to help promote sustainable fisheries and sustainable seafood options.  Their main task is managing the MSC labeling and certification program that uses a scientific based approach to identify best practice guidelines for fisheries management.  A fishery that has been certified as sustainable by the MSC is allowed to brand their product as being MSC certified and will have a blue MSC label attached to their product.  This MSC ecolabel designates that this specific fishery and related seafood product has met a set of sustainability criteria and falls within the standards set by the MSC.  These fisheries must also ensure that all MSC certified seafood is properly separated from non-certified seafood at every stage of production and has traceability.

Addition programs provided by the Marine Stewardship Council include educational seminars to promote sustainable fishing and healthy marine ecosystems.  This includes working with retailers and the seafood industry to promote sustainably certified seafood and to increase the amount of MSC certified products available in the marketplace.

MSC Canned Tuna

There are not a lot of tuna fisheries that are currently MSC certified in relation to the huge amount of tuna fleets that troll the oceans.  However there are plenty of tuna fisheries in assessment that are expected to become certified soon.  This will result in more MSC labeled canned tuna products becoming available on grocery store shelves and more chances for consumers to be able to buy sustainable canned tuna.

Why Buy MSC Tuna

Buying MSC certified canned tuna is a way to make sure that the canned tuna you are getting was sourced from a fishery that is sustainable and well managed.  By promoting sustainable fishing practices you are ensuring that our oceans and marine ecosystems remain healthy and productive for many years to come.  As our ocean environment becomes more threatened consumer choice becomes much more important and the MSC labeling program for canned tuna is a way for us to continue to consume our favorite seafood while doing the right thing for our oceans.

For  more information on the Marine Stewardship Council and to see which tuna fisheries are currently certified or becoming MSC certified visit their website: