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Fresh tuna fish and canned tuna is one the most popular seafood choices.  From sushi restaurants to major supermarkets around the world you can find tuna for sale.  The huge worldwide consumption of tuna, especially canned tuna and tuna sashimi, has created major environmental and ecological issues that stem from the fishing methods used to harvest this fish.  Massive commercial tuna fishing fleets have trolled the oceans for years harvesting enormous amounts of tuna and indiscriminately killing a huge amount of other sea life that was unfortunately caught as bycatch.  Some species of tuna like the Bluefin Tuna have almost been fished to extinction and many groups are calling for an immediate worldwide boycott of this fish.  Others species such as Skipjack Tuna remain healthy but unsustainable. Skipjack fishing methods have put at risk numerous other species of marine life.

As consumers of canned tuna we need to start understanding how our canned tuna choices impact both the health of this great species and the ecological health of the entire ocean ecosystem.  Seeking and buying sustainable canned tuna and understanding what makes it sustainable is an important step in ensuring we will be able to enjoy tuna and other seafood products for many more generations.

What To Know About Canned Tuna Sustainability

We started this website because we became concerned about how rampant consumption of tuna sourced from unsustainable fisheries was damaging the marine ecosystem.  As connoisseurs of canned tuna we want to help promote sustainable canned tuna  to ensure the world can enjoy eating tuna for many years to come.   When a society becomes aware of where their food comes from they are able to start making personal changes in their consumption patterns.  When more people choose to eat sustainable tuna fish the whole fishing industry will adapt and change in a positive way to meet this demand.  This has the potential to create long lasting changes in fishing and tuna sourcing practices and will hopefully start an industry focused on equality, sustainability and global health.

Here are a few of the questions we sought to answer and the resulting information we discovered about sustainable canned tuna:

Hopefully this website will help you understand some of the basic facts about canned tuna and how to choose a sustainable canned tuna brand.  Knowing what to look for is the first step and next time you buy canned tuna you should have a good understanding of how this simple choice can have such a major worldwide impact.  It all begins with you!